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SECRET (eyes only)






            Forget everything you thought you knew about higher intelligence.  If Nature abhors perfection, then we can expect much the same chaos elsewhere; and given the huge ecological costs traveling space can only mean taking from one world to make it another's problem.


            Thus it does not surprise me that the classic abduction scenario should be so typically covert, employing a whole array of psychogenic devices to coerce the contactee into submission to some dubious genetic harvest.  If this is what they're here for, then we obviously grew up in a bad neighborhood.


            Now thanks to this parasite, UFOs have become a religious movement, full of starry-eyed pseudo-visionaries, looking for a new drug to escape their own futility. Hah! If you think this place is a mess, wait until you see what's out there.


            The object of this publication is to draw the line between what these cosmic wasters would like us to believe, and what is really there and most important of all:


What to do about it! 







Objects commonly mistaken:






Geophysical Anomaly



Typically, geostatic discharges of various kinds, namely in areas of interacting tidal forces, atmospheric disturbances, and/or geological stress.  It is interesting to note that, close proximity to such phenomena, can in some cases, have paranormal effects (i.e. Bermuda Triangle).






Astrophysical Body



Planets, or any such objects, when exceedingly bright and near the horizon, can give the impression of movement.  Meteor showers.






Aircraft, Satellites, Balloons



UFOs can be distinguished apart from these objects, by any abrupt, highly irregular maneuvers.








Psychosomatic Conditions often mistaken:






Psychic or Paranormal Experience



Any transcendental state in which one is able to perceive and/or interact- seemingly beyond the physical boundaries of local temporality.  This includes "Out-of-Body" and "Near- Death" experience.  Unfortunately most western cultures are quite without the psychic disciplines capable of reckoning with the unknown- rather, prefer more to be mystified than learn anything useful from the experience.









Generally a trancelike disoriented state, induced by circumstances beyond one's ability to control or reckon with, especially when under the effect of psychogens or other psychotropic influences; i.e. ELF, microwaves, ultrasonic pitches, and/or extremely bright or strobing light.






Delusion/Hallucination/Subliminal Suggestion



Generally a deception induced by any of the above, for the sake of psychic control over others.  A favorite stratagem of counter-intelligence elements and political or religious fanatics.  Unfortunately such covert practices became of particular interest to certain government agencies during the Cold War.  In this, any enigma such as UFOs provides an ideal environment, especially where hypnotic regression is required.











Anomalies that do not have lasting physical effects, such as amorphous lights or unexplained explosions.


Anomalies with lasting physical effects, such as some poltergeist phenomena, apports (materialized objects), and areas of flattened grass.


Anomalies with associated entities.  Includes ghosts, mythical creatures, and various other manifestations.


Anomalous reports in which the witness interacted with entities in alter-reality. Can involve NDEs, OBEs, religious miracles and visions.


Anomalous injuries or death, possibly through spontaneous combustion or unexplained wounds.








Fly-by of an alien object without interaction.


Fly-by accompanied by physical evidence.


Fly-by in which alien occupants are discernable.


Fly-by in which the witness experiences reality transformation.


Fly-by in which the witness suffers permanent injuries.




Sighting of alien object executing unusual maneuvers.


Unusual maneuvers in which anomalous effects are observed.


Unusual maneuvers in which alien occupants are discernable.


Unusual maneuvers with the effect of reality transformation.


Unusual maneuvers causing the injury or death of the witness.




Close encounter with an alien object.


Close encounter with an alien object, in which lasting physical effects are induced.


Close encounter with the occupants of an alien vehicle.


Close encounter with alien entities in alter-reality.


Any of the above, but with lasting physical and/or psychological injury.






            The difference is in the eye of the beholder, especially how well you know yourself. Being a well-versed psychic with considerable military knowledge and experience, hidden truths are no mystery to me.  I have learned how to recognize these by their mere logistical presence, as all things require resources to be maintained, no matter how elusive or obscure.  This is the law of causality, no matter where in the Universe.


            As for us humans, being a rather self-defeating creature, no less visiting this planet than the dinosaurs. As much as we would like to think we are clever, we have only made every essence of our own natural being all the more difficult to realize.  Perhaps it won't be long until we too will be marauding other worlds for genetic material lest we go mass extinct.


            The fact is that our sun is one of the few viable G2 main sequence stars within 50 light years of this low-density dead-zone at the fringe of a galactic arm, where the majority of stars are carbon degenerates destined to inevitable heat-death. Given these conditions, anything venturing this way, would have to be either lost or extremely desperate.  Why would any race with a reasonably intact ecosystem, want to waste its resources for anything less?  Even artificial gravity, matter synthesizers or trans-warp drive, can't alter the fact of the unlimited resources required to sustain even the viable minimum of life support.  Let us also not forget the many microbiological factors most vital in sustaining our viability as a biological life form.  It should be no surprise that all contacts made by the so-called "Grays" are always under the most planned and controlled conditions.


            In these paranoid times since the days of Los Alamos, secrecy has proliferated all manner of conspiracy theories.  There is area 51, where evidence of the Roswell crash was presumably stashed away, while its cratered surroundings also served as a setting for the alleged moon landings.  Don't ask me what happened with Apollo 13, I can only assume that by that time, they really attempted to land on the moon, to no avail.  I have to agree with the experts at Baikonur, that any venture beyond our magnetosphere would require massive shielding beyond what even modern rockets could transport.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, just have a good look at that concrete dome encasing the Chernobyl reactor (preferably by spy satellite for obvious health reasons).  As for the aliens recovered from the Roswell crash, more reliable sources told me that they were taken to a NASA lab in Houston, where, at the time, a female psychokinetic going through puberty was also being kept.


            Then there's the "Majic-12" who seemed more interested in acquiring alien technology (for any strategic advantage over the Soviets) than appease public suspicion of their blatant cover-ups.  Rumor has it that this coveted technology was no more than a Trojan horse, enabling these Grays to infiltrate their ranks.  This is also where the notorious MiBs came into existence, pretending to be government agents, mainly to scare any potential witnesses from going to the proper authorities.


            It wasn't until Dr. Jacques Vallée stated his findings before the UN Special Political Committee in 1978 the government agencies began to realize the problem; thus allowing for the freedom of information.  However, given the recent escalation of terrorism, it is only a question of time before all civil liberties are revoked and genetic screening for potential terrorists becomes policy.  That's when I really wonder if these Grays might be some time-warped throwback of our own future.


             As for intelligent life, I'm sure it has better ways of indulging itself, quite without having to leave the comfort and security of home.  Knowing that diversity is a vital part of evolutionary success, they would see nothing practical in messing with developments on other worlds, rather,


would study this discretely so as to learn from it, perhaps even simulate it in some form of alter-reality.  Frankly, anything with that degree of intelligence, would hardly want to make itself known as we would expect, let alone have to deal with all our authorities and administrations.  We have trouble enough dealing with these ourselves.  Rather, any such presence would be so discreet; it could just as well be the family next door or a shaman of the Dogon tribe.  Who would notice?





            Born of imperial discipline from both sides of the family, I come from a long line of multifarious expatriates since time immemorial.  Yet somewhere between all this prevails a curious Insular Celtic talent of comprehending that which most would take for paranormal.  Since the age of one, when consciousness dramatically unfolded to me, I have had countless psychic experiences.  Somehow I just can't identify with the dilemma some go into on the subject. I've had to deal with these things all my life.  By the age of two I was plagued by all manner of vivid premonitions, which is rather hard to reckon with before you've had any sort of education or life experience.  It was somewhat like growing up in a time warp where you aren't sure if what you saw happened already or hasn't happened yet but is about to happen.  Of course, no one could explain any of this to me, preferring to imply that I was out of my mind.  Indeed, that inclined me to keep it to myself, but had an ugly habit of slipping out whenever I got my temporalities confused.  I'd ask my friend; "What do you make of Hanna winning that trip to Paris?"  He'd look at me perplexed, then later, when it did happen, came the question "How did you know that?"  I'd just casually shrug and reply "beats me".  It was really great fun when I would answer the teacher's question just as he would be about to formulate it.


            The sad part is when you know someone is about to die in some freak accident, but the circumstances are such, that there's not a damn thing you can do about.  Even worse is when you empathically experience the death of friend, though physically nowhere near the actual occurrence.  One night I fell to the floor with bizarre chest pains, fighting for air, though physically I could feel nothing wrong with my body.  Then I began to sense that somebody I knew, somewhere out there, was dying horribly. The next day I learned, that a long-time friend of the family had died of a massive heart attack that previous night.  Fortunately this was not so dramatic when my grandmother died.  I was hundreds of miles away, staying overnight at a friend's while she was in bed at the nursing home.  She spoke to me and apologized for having always misunderstood me (that I never married) and assured everything would be “alright” (whatever that means), and after saying goodbye, I felt as if a door opened in the cosmic backdrop, and she was gone.  The next morning my uncle phoned, about to break the news, but I saved him the trouble, telling him of my experience and the time it happened (this sort of thing runs in the family).  Curious is the fact that she was in the terminal stages of Alzheimer, yet in that final instant was suddenly quite sound of mind.  I suspect this has something to do with the brain firing all its neurons when on the verge of death.  Needless to say, however, the message did get through.


            I don't think I've ever had my own NDE or OBE, but the odd levitation fantasies as an

infant, that eventually became flying dreams (my mother was in the Luftwaffe).  In a little village called Vik, in Iceland, I slept in an H-Hut (turned guesthouse)  where I dreamt I was some British fly-boy, celebrating VE day at some make-shift officer's club (that once existed there along with an airstrip).  Puzzled by this I awoke, and staggering downstairs to the reception, I was met by the proprietor, grinning.  He immediately came out with- "Strange dreams?"  "Yeah, no shit" I replied, and told him about it.  The grin broadened as he explained that Vik was an RAF refueling station in WWII, and that lots of guests have had similar dreams.  So you see, there's nothing really all that extrasensory about psychic ability.  Any mind in good working order is able to register all kinds of impressions in causality.


            Dreams are a wonderful thing- a means for the mind to really space-out without being distracted by other bodily functions.  It’s like a vacation to other dimensions in local universality and beyond. I may have come across the Grays' alter reality, but its like terrestrial black and white compared to omni-dimensional holographic with surround-sound.  I doubt if they would dare approach me anyway.  I would only love to wreak havoc with any one of their vehicles.  As for their psychogenic devices, forget it.  As an adolescent in the 60s to 70s, I took so many hallucinogens that nothing works on me anymore.  Still, I would not advise others to try this, as I am only one of the very few survivors.  It did, however, piss off a few government spooks.  Being by cold war standards a "displaced person", in the political grey-zone between east and west, they figured they could try their experiments on me, until I informed the German authorities. Since then, things have been actually quite peaceful.


            I have never had an alien encounter per-se.  Once I saw an alien object going north up the Rhine Valley towards Strasbourg.  It was on an April night in 1978 and Canis Major was visible to the west over the Vosges Mountains.  I was in a friend's car, parked on the dike of the Rhine canal, where light pollution is actually quite minimal.  We watched as a bright orange sphere coursed its way in a curious pendular motion, evidently along the Route de Colmar on the French side.  It was moving much faster than a helicopter, but somewhat irregular in relation to the ground as if geo-statically effected by it.  As it got over the airbase in Entzheim, three tracking lights shot up, quickly zeroing in on it.  It hesitated briefly, and then began a gradual climb, still heading toward Strasbourg.  A few weeks later while on a job at our own air traffic control, I had a little chat with the radar techs, to learn it was indeed a UFO and there was a big story on it in the Strasbourg papers.  Amused, I also learned that a long-time acquaintance of mine (and fanatical member of both NICAP and APRO), tried to demand information from them about it.  Ironically, she had introduced me to subject back in 1969, when we both lived in Westphalia, but we never did share any similar point of view.  Needless to say, the techs told her to stuff-it, yet would have confirmed the sighting if she hadn't tried to be so officious.  They knew it wasn't anything soviet so it wasn't a question of secrecy, rather, the nature of her approach (or reproach for that matter).


            In the domains of secrecy, you learn to read between the lies.  When two soviet satellites fall out of the sky, to crash in the same general area within a period of only a few months, just after Ronald Reagan announced his "Star-wars Program", you know its all very deliberate. With UFOs its just about the same.  Too many leaders are shit-scared that higher intelligence might make us realize how stupid our civilization is.  So they only allow the hints of threat that might just fulfill their recruitment quotas.  Unfortunately, this does not dispel mistrust of what higher authority might be up to, thus giving the ideologies of cosmic intervention every benefit of the doubt.  Of course now that Al-Qaida is on the loose, all previous fanatics have given way to some kind of new age evangelism.  No surprise E.T. isn't calling, so SETI and the Planetary Society might as well pack it in.  Any funding they might have gotten, went to Billy Graham.


            In the brief period we were able to enjoy the freedom of information, Timothy Good, a

well-known British broadcaster, wrote a commendable book called "Above Top Secret".  His is perhaps one of the few that gives any real insight as to how higher authority has been dealing with the UFO issue.  Interesting is the fact that the whole cover-up was not so much about the threat, but their inability to really do anything about it, and like a hot potato it just ended up being tossed from one special committee to the next.  It seems however, that since certain electronic warfare developments were made, much of that has changed.  Of course, nowadays with digital cams, videophones, and the Internet, the competition could get rather heavy.



            In the summer of 1972, I took a four-month reprieve on a native reservation in the whereabouts of Mount Baker (north most Cascade peak of the Rockies on the border between British Columbia and Washington State).  Across from this peak stands a shear blade of rock, concealed by a frequent mass of heavy cloud.  It is the site of over 60 plane crashes and one UFO.  A native friend told me this happened about five years back, with the government calling on his tribe to make the recovery.  The area is quite impassible, full of deadfalls and all kinds of vicious if not venomous wild things.  Though in fragments with no survivors, there was no question the object and its occupants were alien; "unnatural things" as he described it.  He emphasized "unnatural" because all life had seemingly vacated the premises, leaving an eerie silence.  That especially the bears were nowhere to seen, was particularly spooky; as they do have a perilous curiosity at the best of times.  He also found it strange how the white man seems to have a problem accepting the existence of other inhabited worlds.  I laughed and said, "Inferiority complex- especially finding out we're not the center of the universe".  Eyeing me curiously, he queried:  "True, but why don't you seem to have that problem?"   "I don't know", I replied with a smirk,  "European I guess- it’s so jam-packed with different cultures with over a thousand years experience, I don't think anyone there would really be surprised".  He reasoned; "Yeah, obviously what the fools around here are missing."  I did, however, apologize for Europe deporting all those fundamentalist fanatics to North America in the past.  Years later when I saw the TV series "Twin Peaks", it rather reminded me of what my friend was referring to.


            In Nova Scotia around 1975, I had a spurious acquaintance that drove a bus for the Halifax Transit.  He was an Acadian from the backwoods of New Brunswick with a very strange interest in my psychic ability, but I was dealing with quite enough Para-normality at the time.  Surrounded by the most extraordinary tidal forces, the whole peninsula was like a door to the twilight zone full of ghosts, poltergeists, plasma balls and various other temporal anomalies, not to mention the odd pubescent psycho-kinetic’s.  My father was about to retire from the army, and with democracy crumbling under the Trudeau regime; the time was coming for us to leave. Then one Sunday morning, I woke up with a start at an ungodly hour.  Sensing something amiss, I instinctively went to the window.  There, standing in the backyard, was that Acadian looking up at me, but something about the image looked superimposed.  I rubbed my eyes, and sure enough he was gone, so I went back to bed and resumed my sleep.  Two weeks later, he came knocking at my door, trying to feed me some cryptic monologue about Armageddon and how some aliens had come to offer refuge.  He said he had told them about my ability and that they would surely like to meet me.  All this while, I carefully scrutinized the man, with the weirdest feeling I was dealing with a zombie.  His eyes were perfectly vacuous (not even iris movement), while his stance seemed rather transfixed, with a voice like something else was speaking through him.  To test this, I waved a hand at him and he didn't even flinch or hesitate, but kept on until the message was delivered.  Apparently programmed only to do that, he then turned and left.  Quite miffed, I continued to pack my belongings, all the more determined to return to Europe.  I told my father about it, and that if I stick around any longer, I would most certainly be very dead...So, he booked me on the next flight to Germany, and here I remain.  Be it bipolar schizophrenic, control experiments or actual contactee, I wasn't going to chance on pursuing that one.  Frankly, I have a pretty good idea this was a control experiment, like the ones in St. Hubert, Quebec, that people are suing the CIA for.  No surprise, that between heaven and earth, its not easy to tell the difference.  The Canadians had their own version of psi-research too.  Even the RCMP Edmonton had a special training course in telepathic hypnosis.  Funny though, these fools forgot that any real psychic can smell them coming, so don't even think about it.





            Of those who pioneered this field, many have long since passed beyond that psychic exit to the Great Cosmic Recycler.  Of them, is Dr. J. Allen Hynek of the notorious National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP); so obviously full of CIA psychic control experiments.  I know that as a fact from scrutinizing that previously mentioned acquaintance from 1969.  She admitted being hypnotically regressed by them and was also given tapes (to insure effectiveness) which I had the opportunity to hear.  Aside from these giving me a headache, they were full of subliminal suggestion and ELF signals neatly incorporated into the background contemporary music.  Of course, whenever I would ask her if I could have a copy (I would have loved to have run it through a spectrum analyzer), she'd go into a mental blackout, then off on her usual tangent about Airforce cover-ups.  This was about a year after the big Symposium on UFOs in Switzerland, where Dr. Vallée basically told them their research was bogus. This really upset her and her friend Dr. Hynek.  Of course later Dr. Hynek did confess Vallée was right, though this was already clear in the choice of questions on the forms NICAP has witnesses fill out. The rest of the form reads more like an application for government employment.  Needless to say I won't give any of his ambiguous viewpoints much credence, let alone any interests of the CIA (boring and uncreative).  These are power struggles, that through too much control, have an ugly tendency to be self-destructive (take Hitler for example).


            In contrast I find all of Dr. Jacques Vallee's work most fruitful, although he does have my condolences for his obvious disillusionment.  I enjoy it when UFO buffs get really angry whenever I introduce them to Vallee's books, as it really takes the wind out of their ethereal sails.  This is good because, simply believing is not the answer to such elusive subjects, especially the paranormal.  With today's state of the art science and technology, the time has come to take off the purple robes and put on your hard hat, and start getting into some serious transcendental physics (especially where intermediate weak forces are concerned).  Forget your telescope, there's enough satellites and other gadgets up there that can do the work for you. NASA is fine if you like government administrations, but the ESA websites are more enlightening. ESA is funded by industry as a tax write-off for research, and profits from the launch of commercial satellites keep it viable for further developments.


            Amongst others are researchers like Raymond Fowler (apparently still alive), but I fear he blew it by revealing his own abduction experiences in the book "The Watchers".  As his research involves hypnotic regression (though by non-government-committed doctors) there is much professional debate that the experience could have been "suggested" to the alleged contactee. Whatever the case, I find the "Andreasson Affair" (South Ashburnham, Massachusetts- 25/01/1967) interesting, as it best illustrates the classic abduction scenario, typical in encounters with the Grays.  Other aspects of this scenario can be seen in the Travis Walton Case (Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, Arizona- 05/11/1975),  the Roach Abduction (Lehi, Utah- 07/10/1973), the Moody Abduction (Alamogordo, New Mexico- 12/08/1975) , Villas Boas Abduction (Francisco de Sales, Brazil- 05/10/1957) and the Aveley Abduction (Harold Hill, Essex, UK- 27/10/1974).  I leave out the Schirmer Abduction, because there is every indication that NICAP botched it.


            Although the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) was subject to occasional CIA screening, a few sloppy mishaps did draw the Lorenzens' attention to the fact.  Thus, much of their literature tends to be somewhat flakey (also due to the censorships of those days) in content.  They were however helpful in getting Travis Walton the proper medical attention he needed after his traumatic experience, thus enabling him to write his own book about it.  There is also the movie "Fire in the Sky" that gives a general portrayal.






            There is George King, George Adamski and a host of other presumably chosen ones by the Venusian master race or some other para-Masonic or Scientologist utopia. Then there's Erich von Däniken.  Hailing from the Germanic part of Switzerland, his Porsche was usually seen in hyper-warp down the A5 Basel-Karlsruhe.  Though I'm sure all his bold-faced speculations about ancient artifacts cover the astrophysical cost of his chariot's fuel consumption, I doubt very much that Mayan astronomer was flying a space ship.  If you look at the stone tablet carefully, its clear to see the man is operating a telescope (which they had in those days made of gold mirrors, until the Conquistadors took it all away). Once in a while, Herr von Däniken comes up with a good one, his latest coup being a theme park in Interlaken. ( Check it out, it could prove amusing!


            My favorite alternative to the subject of ancient astronauts is Graham Hancock, who suggests some pre-deluvian global community existed, leaving pockets of residual knowledge after its demise.  Though some of the astronomical coincidences he draws on his laptop are question-able, his look into the history of these artifacts is food for thought.  Indeed Vedic literature and other ancient texts do seem to suggest they were a higher civilization, and not necessarily the prodigal child of some alien grand plan.





            I have always felt that the abuse of something is no argument against it.  When people like Phillip J. Klass go into that typical "you can't prove what isn't there" mode, it bores the hell out of me.   Certainly any lack of evidence has the benefit of the doubt, but those who take too much advantage of this, be it for or against, arouse suspicion.  This is why I prefer James Oberg and "The Amazing Randi".  As for the late Carl Sagan, he is somewhere out there, billions and billions of light-years away.





            In the continuum we are as much an integral part as anything else, through causality.  Like the deaf who compensate by using their body to read vibrations, or the blind whose other senses (especially smell) excel to acquire an image, we are actually able to perceive anything above and beyond what would seem our conscious domain of existence.  It is merely that question of how well we realize it.  We know there is more to this domain than meets the eye, although fear of that, for which we have no previous realizations, dictates the inability of some to evolve it.  Fortunately there is evolution, which strives to realize itself in every form possible.  The mechanics of causality is not so much what happens before the decimal, rather those logarithmic infinitesimals that follow, that transcend form into motion and thus time.  Recognize these patterns, and its all plain to see, without need of tedious transport, or bulky transceivers, be it past, present or future.  This is what the pursuit for consciousness is all about in the continuum.  We don't need "cosmic intervention" for what is our own responsibility to nature as a biological life form. Any such intervention, no matter how seemingly virtuous, is just another competitor in the struggle for survival.  When in doubt, listen your instincts, they perceive more than you realize.





            To me a paradox is merely a mechanism of more intrinsic forces at work.  In studying the dialogue and imagery of the Andreasson case I have found it full of such duplicities.  While the ritual references to "Great love" imply an exaltation of Nature in procreation, it refers to our role in the surrogate breeding process of the Grays' designs, yet begrudges much of our obstinance actually integral to natural selection in evolution.  Such expectations are unquestionably utopian- as well as the idea that all should collectively share in the interest to achieve some sublime unnatural state. I find this attitude is no less wantonly arrogant than what they criticize of ours- and can only see this as a severe form of transfer psychosis, as would be expected of any fanatical control freak with a theomanic pathos. It was not enough that they defeated all natural causes to become so inviable that they lack any real understanding of the continuum, but insist on spreading their misconceptions throughout it as a new religion.


            Clearly Betty's abduction was planned as opposed to the accidental circumstances seen in the Walton case.  The hypnotic regressions reveal Betty's contacts as a gradual "conditioning" process since the age of seven, though her religious beliefs are clearly her own.  Nonetheless, one sees the attempt to take advantage of this, in her experiences of the "Phoenix" and the "Great Door".  Being that these creatures appear to operate from some quasi-dimensional distortion between the frames of local universality, beware- it is that purgatory of lost souls we know from ancient folklore, with much the same nasty side effects.  On the other hand, the imagery of planned abductions show a psychogenic filtering of the uglier aspects we have seen in the Walton case; and they are careful to select those individuals vulnerable, if not susceptible. Of course, any strong-willed individual, acutely resistant, is regarded as a threat; and if encountered can prove to be fatal.


            As for the origin of the Grays, there are the odd claims that overzealous ventures in fusion, nearly brought about the extinction of their star, subsequently confining what life remained, to synthetic biospheres.  Thus it is interesting to note that their vehicles use heavy fusion, to achieve a form of super particle transformation, and therefore restricted to these lower density regions of our stellar neighborhood.  This would also explain their use of water for degaussing their vehicles in a rather menial fashion.  To Betty, they explained this as necessary to reduce transversal shock.  Thus any clues to their whereabouts should be in any neighboring singular G class star of unusual matter depletion.  I would imagine this quantum handicap also accounts for the Roswell saucer crash.  We have also seen its damage to the ecology wherever they land.  In the Bentwaters case, UK- 25/12/1980, the military took the precaution of removing the affected soil and vegetation- though some UFOlogists incline to interpret this as part of the cover-up.  In fact, I suspect the vehicle was (by means of our space defenses), forced to land, whereupon its occupants, allowed to make repairs, were officially told to leave the planet immediately.


            Bearing in mind the microbiological shortcomings of controlled environments, the "genetic harvest" is of no surprise.  No doubt these creatures wouldn't stand a chance on our world without control, while any attempt to recover their own viability (without a viable world to live on) would be futile.  Such is the paradox we should be wary of in our aspiration to visit other worlds.  Unless we can open a door and we're there, it just isn't feasible.  Even then it's a question of what we are exposing ourselves (as well as others) to.  This is why learning is best achieved as a passive observer.  In this I decline any moral judgments on what means of survival, but feel any existence pushed beyond all viable limits is in dangerous violation of causality.  Thus I fear the presence of these Grays, could in any number of ways, unwittingly provoke those cancellation processes nature has always warned us about-so let us hope our proper authorities are actually doing something to keep these wasters out of our hair.  If this is not enough, let us proceed to the "do-it-yourself" option...





            At best, avoid scarcely populated areas far removed from any defense installations or civil authority, especially in those regions known to be frequented by anything anomalous or paranormal. If you're a demo-phobic like me, try rural areas of intense agriculture along national borders. Avoid any political or religious lobbies, especially those with a nihilistic dogma about destiny and higher cosmic order.  Don't try to question the authorities, or get involved in any public crusade on the question.  Leave it to those who haven't the sense to realize what they're getting themselves into.  Get your information from those who have the sense, discretely.


            Though EW technology is available on the market, you can save a buck by being creative without drawing too much attention.  First of all shield the walls of your living space with a graphite-based paint (ecologically approved for indoors).  Then paste this over with aluminum foil, preferably grounded by an insulated solid wire to the grounding pin of the nearest wall socket.  If your outlets don't have one, use a grounding rod outside.  Cover the foil with any appropriate wallpaper, stucco, paneling or lamination to avoid attention.  The same procedure can be applied to ceilings, floors, doors and frames, but in dealing with windows, use indoor-shutters.  If you don't want to go to too much effort, chose a home close to massive power lines or live in a granite building (if you don't like bunkers).  If you really want to be creative, build yourself a Faraday cage.  If you can afford it, get a spectrum analyzer, but any sort of field detection gadget, seismograph, radiation or metal detector is also useful.  In building a laser, you can develop your own ground-to-air defense but be careful to do this all without drawing too much attention.  Should anyone ask questions, tell them you're an amateur satellite Dx-er (be sure to have a big motor-driven satellite dish in your yard).  If you're into tracking the sky, you can always phase-array a few 1.2 meter dishes, to get around any licensing restrictions on size.  Use any tazer weapon with extreme caution.  Preferably throw it in the active state at the object or fiend.


            You don't have to be Einstein or Uri Geller to know when something's terribly wrong.  Trust your instincts and save the wishful thinking for art, poetry or sex.  Don't be fooled by anything too good to be true.  Nature always sides with the hidden flaw!





            This document is an expression of an individual and independent viewpoint of the issues presented.  I am not here to represent the popular consensus of pros and cons on these issues. Any arguments you may have of this, apply them to your own initiative.  I don't see where I should have to provide you every bit of knowledge ever realized by humanity through the entire course of evolution.  Do it yourself, the resources are there, take it or leave it.  I am only interested in those rare individuals who know what I am talking about from their own independent knowledge and experience. I feel only they have anything worthwhile to contribute to any personal understanding of these issues.  As for those of you who expect me to prove my psychic ability, you obviously don't have the level of awareness required to even understand it.  I suggest you read the latest medical research on those functions of the brain. Otherwise, it should be clear by my egotistical standpoint, that this is neither a popularity contest nor a sales pitch for snake oil.  However, if any of this is enlightening to you, that's fine by me- but don't expect me to make a religious crusade or political lobby of it, no matter how you try to flatter or insult me. Why I wrote this document, was actually at the request of family and friends, curious to see if there is intelligent life here on planet Earth.


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