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  Personal disclosures and transparency in the spirit of Jean Paul Sartre.  
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  We become more authentic to the degree that we integrate all the dimensions of our lives into  
  one project. Our particular projects, aimed at the realization in the world of a particular end, are  
  united in the global project which we are. But precisely because we are wholly choice and act,  
  these partial projects are not determined by the global project. They must themselves be choices;  
  and a certain margin of contingency, of unpredictability, and of the absurd is allowed to each of  
  Name:   Thomas John Andrews  
  Internet Alias or Aka:   fluffoid or fluffyone  
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  KDX   10700  
  FTP   21 passive  
  HTTP, HTTPS   80, 443  
  IMAP   8100  
  POP, SMTP   110, 25  
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  Home (**)   +49-(0)7821-921809  
  Work   +49-(0)7245-9287-17  
  Mobile   +49-(0)151-58801945  
  Work FAX   +49-(0)7245-9287-30  
  VoiceMail   +49-(0)1805-06033556356  
  Vo-IP SIP (***)   +49-(0)32-223562388  
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  Work   andrews@tde-online.de  
  Home (•)(••)   thomas_john_andrews@t-online.de  
  Local - Home Computer   nermal@kittekatasaurus.no-ip.org  
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  Hotmail   fluffoid@hotmail.com  
  AOL   papaidi@aol.com  
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  Yahoo   fluffoid12@yahoo.de  
  Rendezvous   kittekatasaurus.dyndns.org  
  Google   fluffoid@gmail.com  
  Skype   fluffoid (Deutschland, Lahr)  
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  Kenntnisstand:   Lahr/Schwarzwald, den 04.09.2008